Our Annual Benefit - Friday, November 1!

Our Pals For Life therapy animals are fans of higher education too. Pals For Life therapy animals will visit college campuses to provide cuddle time during their stressful final exam and mid-terms week, or any time during the semester. Spending time with our therapy animals provides the following benefits:

  • Helps to relieve stress and promotes relaxation. During exams, taking a break from studying and the hectic pace of college life to spend some time petting an animal can sooth anxious nerves and lower blood pressure.
  • Provides comfort. Many students are dealing with homesickness as well as stress from school and upcoming life transitions. “I miss my dog soooooo much!!! I needed this so bad!” squealed a college student recently, as she went barreling towards a dog for a big hug.
  • Provides fun. Many of the colleges we visit report that students have told them the Pals For Life visit is their favorite event and they look forward to it all school year.

The College Program can take place at any college or university, and can take place inside or outside, weather permitting. The program can take place for one or two hours. Pals For life pets enjoy hanging out with the future of America.

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