Our Annual Benefit - Friday, November 1!

Pals For Life brings appropriate therapy animals to schools and libraries for our literacy program. Children of any reading level are invited to read to animals, and get some snuggling from the animals while they're at it. This program provides the following benefits:

  • A non-judgemental audience for the children to practice their reading skills. Many children struggle from a lack of confidence and feel pressure when they read aloud. But reading to an adorable dog changes all that. The animals don’t judge their reading ability and the children’s confidence soars.
  • Provides an enjoyable experience that the children will associate with reading. Spending time with the animals and petting them provides fun and excitement for them, and they often forget to be worried about reading aloud because they are having so much fun with the animals. Reading becomes a fun and positive activity.
  • Makes children want to practice reading at home to their own pets. A parent recently told us that she walked into her living room to find her son reading to their Golden Retriever. She couldn’t believe it, because he is a reluctant reader. But it all started after he had attended a Pals For Life Read to Pet Pals program.


The Read to Pet Pals Program can take place at schools, libraries, churches or any place that wants to encourage childhood literacy. The program benefits children of all reading abilities. Children are divided into small groups for more intimate reading and interaction with the pets, and are rotated so that they get a chance to read to a variety of animals. Time is set aside at the end of each literacy program for general fun and interaction with the animals as well. All visits are one hour. Pals For Life pets make the best listeners!!

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